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What people are saying

Just want to say a huge thank you for your great advice all these [five] years. With [your] advice and the investments that we do, this is my fruit of labour, and this is yours as well. Because of you, I have passive income to spend on my holidays, for free.

*Note: This verbal testimonial has been edited minimally for clarity.*

Gabriel Murdoch

Travel Blogger, Travel with Gabbie

I have worked with Yang Zhi for over 5 years now. And he always gives advice in the best interest of his clients. Over the years, he corrected some of my views on investing, but at the same time, he always listens and respects my views on different financial matters. Time flies and now he has already progressed to become an Assistant Director in Investment Advisory. Despite this progress, he continues to engage his existing clients and explore better ways to benefit them. That is why many of us chose to stick with him through the years. I am confident that he will do well and i trust his judgement and advice after witnessing his hard work and progress over the years.

William Cheng

Military Expert, Republic of Singapore Navy

It’s not just about investment returns. It’s about serving with a heart, to help people reach their financial goals, which Yang Zhi does… He is more than just an agent. He was there with me every step of the way. And he never overpromises, but he always overdelivers. For example, he once told me “You do this, the ROI is about 8%” but as time passed, I realised it’s way more than 8%. All in all, I’m just trying to say he is your go-to guy.

*Note: This verbal testimonial has been edited minimally for clarity.*


YZ (Yang Zhi) is well-versed in investments and he is patient enough to explain to me on the details of the investment. He crafted out various investment strategies that allows me to have short term liquidity without compromising my long term goals. I have met various bankers out there, but YZ stood out as he was the only who was able to give me clarity to his investment strategy. I am very fortunate and felt at ease to place me and my loved ones finances with him. Will definitely recommend this value added service.

Ryan Ho


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