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Portfolio Services

We offer both pre-designed mass market portfolios curated to meet industry standards

and customised portfolios to best cater to your specific needs.


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Do It Yourself

Choose from our pre-designed portfolios with some ideas from us. Don’t know which to choose? Check out our suggestions below to get started.


Customise Your Own

Reach out to one of our agents and we’ll help you every step of the way to reach your financial goals. Alternatively, drop us a message to get started.



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Concentrated Stock Portfolios

These are the solutions we suggest:

Alpha 25
Long Term growth done right.

Gain exposure to 25 global companies with steady earnings and growth, coupled with technological drivers.

We prefer this compared to the S&P500, trading diversification for concentration and outperformance.

Dividend Dynasty
Passive income is the goal of all investors.

After acheiving your growth, deploy your capital in a way that maintains overtime and generate sufficient cashflow.

End of the day, its the companies that generate profits that pay you good dividends. We take the guess-work out of it by building a concentrated dividend portfolio with 25 stocks.

Diversified Portfolios

These are the solutions we suggest:

iFast DPMS

Developed by iFast Financial, the Discretionary Portfolio Management Service is a set of diversified portfolios built for the average Singaporean.

iFast maintains these portfolios with a team of analysts, adjusting the portfolios through volatile times. 

All-Weather Portfolio

Built upon Ray Dalio’s Risk Parity strategy and relying on asset correlations, the All Weather portfolio a simple stock/bond/commodities portfolio that outperforms the SPY on a strong risk adjusted basis.

We recommend using the leveraged version to beat the SPY in returns while maintaining a stronger risk adjusted return. 


Alternatively, reach out to us at: